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Welcome to 416 Locksmith Toronto. We are so glad you found us and are considering using our services. It is an honor and pleasure to have served Toronto for 10 years and counting. Our service list is extensive for commercial, residential, automotive and new construction locksmith services.

Full Service Toronto Locksmiths

416 Locksmith Toronto has experts ready to help you with car unlock, house unlocking and rekeying, lock repair and replacement as well as emergency lock pop services. In addition to our traditional locksmith services we go above and beyond for contractors, and new development services. What is even better is that we are available 24 hours a day for emergency calls. Our technicians are here for you and will ensure your needs are met on each and every call.

416 Locksmith is also proud to offer commercial locksmith services. Are you a small business owner who needs panic bars installed on your doors and windows or a master key system? Or are you ready to upgrade your home or business to a keyless entry system? We are happy to be your full-service locksmith for everything you need. If you have never explored having a keyless entry or panic bars, call us for a consultation and we will explain all of your options.

When to Call (416) Locksmith

There are many situations when having access to a locksmith is valuable. Of course, losing or damaging your keys, or having to rekey your home or business are all reasons one would call a locksmith. But we do more than just get you back into your car or property. We offer both commercial and residential services, 24 hours a day, so no matter when or why you need us, we are available and happy to assist you.

How We Can Help:

416 Locksmith Toronto can help you with whatever you need, whenever you need it. No matter where you are in Toronto, our certified technicians will come to you quickly. We can help you get back into your home, business or car. We can make your business or home more secure by changing the locks, installing a keyless entry system, and installing panic bars. We are here to accommodate your needs, help you feel safe in an emergency situation, or assist you in planning for a safer future.

Our Expertise:

Emergency Unlock
Commercial Services

Emergency? Or By Appointment

We understand that many of our services are needed immediately and unexpectedly, so we are available for emergency calls 24 hours a day. We also offer appointments for all non-emergency situations, like planned installations, consultations, and lock changes. If you lose your keys late at night or are planning to install a keyless entry on your new home, 416 Locksmith Toronto is available for emergency and appointment calls.

Toronto Commercial Locksmith Services

At 416 Locksmith Toronto we offer more than just car lockouts and home lock picking; we also offer commercial locksmith services. Business needs can be the same as residential, like being locked out of the building, having damaged keys, or being a locked out of a company vehicle. However, is there is much more that can go wrong in a commercial setting. We commercial locksmith services in Toronto that have been customized to fit the needs of any sized business. After ten years of commercial locksmith experience in Toronto, we know what the local businesses are looking for in a reliable commercial locksmith service.

Business and Storefront Locksmiths in Toronto

As a small business, we know the importance of keeping our investment and our livelihood safe. In addition to our standard locksmith services, we are proud to offer installations of security measures. Toronto is generally a safe place, but when it comes to your business you can never be too careful. We offer services to all businesses, and for those with a storefront we offer panic bar installation. Panic bars ensure your store is protected when you are not there. Our technicians expertly install custom panic bars on windows and doors.

416 Locksmith Toronto also has the capabilities to install master key systems on all types of businesses. Having a master key system eliminates the need to have multiple keys and the problems that come with trying to keep track of individual keys. One key for all your doors makes your life a little easier, while providing the same amount of security. Master key systems can be installed quickly as our technicians have been trained to provide the best service, at the best pace.

Another great option for business owners is keyless entry. From keypads to swipe cards, we will install the keyless entry system that perfectly fits the need of your individual business. A keyless system might be a new idea for many long-time business owners, but it is one of the best ways to keep your business secure. Whether you keep the code to yourself, or share it with your employees, you can change the code as often as you need to. With keyless entry, there is no more having to rekey your entire business if an employee is let go, or someone loses his or her key. Having a keyless entry is a great option for an owner of any sized business.

Toronto Residential Locksmith

When a lockout occurs at your residence,  the 416 Residential Locksmith technicians are here to get you back into the safety of your home. There are many reasons for a lockout, but help is only a phone call away. When you call our Toronto residential locksmith service we will rush one of our technicians to you to quickly assess and remedy the situation. Whether you locked your keys in the house, or your locks are damaged, our technicians come equipped for any scenario.

Residential Lock Repair

Being locked out of your house isn’t always due to forgetting or losing the keys. Lockouts can happen due to aging hardware, broken or damaged keys, or several other factors. 416 Locksmith technicians will assess the situation, give you the details of why your lockout occurred, and explain how the problem should be fixed.

After we get you back into your home, the technician will walk you through the options for the repair. Typically, the repair consists of cleaning and lubricating the locks, or repairing certain pieces without completely changing your locks and keys. If the circumstance calls for it, and you are comfortable with the diagnosis, we will replace the entire lock. If you find yourself in need of an expert Toronto Locksmith that can provide first class residential lock repair, call 416 Locksmith today at 416-639-1969. We are happy to help.

Toronto Lock Installation

Installing all new looks is an exciting step for a homeowner. New locks can offer the highest level of protection, and add character and beauty to a home. However, it is important to choose your locksmith wisely. There are many companies that over charge and under perform. Other companies also may not have the latest technology that 416 locksmith offers. Not only do we have the best products, we have the best technicians.

Having the proper tools and expertise is vital to the installation of new locks. That is why our technicians are rigorously trained, and have all the best tools. With the technology today, there are more choices when it comes to protecting your home and family. Including keypads and keyless entry, new hardware, new keys, the choices in today’s security are vast. The technicians at 416 Locksmith Toronto are well versed in every option to ensure you are selecting the best locks for your situation.

Toronto Locksmith Contractor

New construction necessitates making a variety of decisions, some of them stressful. With all the other worries they have to deal with, many people forget to consider the types of locks they will need to protect a new structure. However, before construction is complete, you should make it a priority to figure out what locks are needed and how they will be installed. Enlist the services of a professional to make sure your lock and key system is properly installed and as secure as possible.

Toronto New Construction Locksmith

New construction is a large undertaking and you should be using locks from the moment you break ground. From protecting your land and equipment to locking the newly installed doors, keeping your project safe is vital to the success of the finished product. 416 Locksmith can assist with any size building project.

Our technicians can help you assess what kind of locks you will need and install the right locks for your purposes. We can even install a variety of keyless entry systems if needed for your unique building project. We can also help with door installation to make sure your new construction is as secure as possible. Contact us to set up an appointment to assess your lock and key needs.

416 Locksmith Toronto For New Construction Projects

Partnering with 416 Locksmith for your building projects will ensure your customers are well taken care of. Not only do we offer a wide variety of lock and key systems for your customers, we also provide car unlocking and emergency automotive services to construction personnel and any homeowner or business client on the premises.

416 Locksmith provides quality door and lock installation of all kinds for homes, businesses, apartments, and condominium developments. On request, we will cut separate keys for each resident of a new apartment building or condominium. Should a lock or key break during new construction, we will repair or replace it.

Toronto’s Best Locksmith Service

416 Locksmith Toronto has had the pleasure of servicing Toronto’s locksmith needs for ten years. We began our company in 2005 and are proud to say we have helped countless numbers of Toronto citizens with their various locksmith needs.

Why 416 Locksmith Toronto?

We have three technicians, giving the business a familial and personal feel. Our three technicians are master locksmiths who love what they do. Our employees are eager to help others, and take pride in doing so.

We are members of many local Toronto business organizations, which ensures we are providing the best services possible. We choose to go the extra mile and belong to both these associations because we know it matters to our customers. Our customers will always be first in our minds when we make any decision about our business.

416 Locksmith is a mobile business, which means we are always on the move, so chances are there will be a technician in your area when you need assistance. To us, that is one of the most important ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate to call and set up an appointment today. We are here to serve Toronto 24 hours a day, seven days a week.